ORIGINAL - The perfect balance of heat and flavour, hitting every corner of your taste buds.Our laco fermented chilli sauce combines the fresh uncooked flavours with the sour tang of fermentation, full of good quality ingredients and healthy probiotics.


EXTRA HOT EDITION - Released for our hardcore hot sauce lovers, the scotch bonnet edition brings some serious heat!


LACTO CHILLI TOPPERS - Our lacto Chilli toppers are perfect to top your food off with a kick.Whether it be on your pizza, hot dogs, burgers or nachos, you can't go wrong with our chilli toppers.


LACTO CHILLI SALT - Our lacto chilli salt brings seasonin, heat and flavour to anything you add it to, from sprinkling over your chips or roast potatoes to adding to a sauce or stew.


SPICE RUB - A mixture of ground dried spices, citrus and heat. Perfect for marinating meat, fish or vegetables. To cover your bbq kebabs, rub into a bit of pork belly the night before, start off your wintery slow cook by sweating down your onion with some of our spice mix!